8-11 april 2017 was the 7th Edition Museum square in Amsterdam.

April 2016, we were to be found in Museum Hermitage Amsterdam.

2014, MC Theatre westergasfabriek.

2017 and 2018 for the program, click here

It is a temporary Museum and/or Gallery in the Centre of the art of Europe. Museums, Galleries, journalists and many, very many ArtLovers international are your visitors next to us and your relationships. A Pavilion is placed between the Museums and you will exhibit your art, to tight white walls. A catalog informs the visitors what they can expect. They expect to see the professional international art and get this. The most interesting combination of art and buy art. The combination of many contacts and attention but also above-average sales. Even after the exhibition we will bring you to the attention of the visitors by our registration system.

A luxury Pavilion inside but accessible for the visitors. Always an opening lunch in Rijksmuseum and a boat trip to the Hermitage Museum. Surprise your guests! No concession to the lighting is done.

You can show your interest here. You send an email with a link to your Facebook page and/or website. Don’t forget your telephone number. We look at you and your work o.b.v.

Where exhibits you?
Exhibits you regularly?
We assess the quality of your work. Museumplein is unique like our exhibition in the Hermitage. The visitors expect quality.
You as an artist. You are also the business card of the exposition.
Monitoring of your work and our Pavilion, 24/7

Within 48 hours you will receive a mail with, our decision. You are going to exhibit at the Museum square and that is why we must get a clear picture of your options and what you want to achieve. On the museumsquare you will get the maximum attention and is selling excessively. Our focus is on the artists who exhibit, deliberate and a professional training. Also independent learners get at us. For the ‘ travelling ‘ group of artists who exhibit, in a hall outside the city, in a sports hall or on a dirty table, there are plenty of possibilities, but not on the Museum square.

You indicate which size of stand you desire. You will then receive an offer and we report your options. We can show that our artists are discovered regularly by museums, art galleries and/or journalists.